My love for horses and trail riding and having the perfect horse was enough until I came to the reality that Missy was getting older and having heart problems (at 24).  I purchased my second horse, a 6 yr. old Arabian Gelding named Sweed and he challenged me to find a better way!  I found Pat Parelli in 1997 and my Parelli journey began.  My first two Level 1 clinics were with Pat Parelli and these two clinics changed me and my relationship with Sweed forever.  Sweed was my greatest teacher (he was 22 when I lost him) and I will never forget him!

I have studied with Pat and Linda Parelli, Carol Coppinger- 6 Star Master Instructor and Neil Pye-Instructor Emeritus through the years.
With the help of my husband we hosted Carol Coppinger in Cincinnati, Ohio
for 8 years.  I have attended many clinics, Super Camps, Retreats and a 10 week course at the ISC in Florida.  I am a Level 4 Graduate in all 4 Savvy’s and I have become a 2 Star Instructor for Parelli Natural Horse-Man-Ship.  I am very proud to be helping Pat and Linda change the world for horses and humans.

As a 2 Star Instructor I can teach Level’s 1, 2, 3 and 4 in three Savvy’s (Online, Liberty and Freestyle Riding).  I offer Workshops, Private lessons and Group lessons and it would be my pleasure to help you get started on your Parelli journey.

My Parelli Promise to you:  Relationship First, Foundation Before
Specialization and  Never-Ending Self Improvement

          1971 - 1995

                1984 - 2006

Savvy & Carol

 In Memory of Missy & Sweed
At the age of 15 I purchased my first horse (Missy 7 yr. old Q.H.) and she was truly the perfect first horse.  I then started to help manage a small private boarding facility and learn what it took to take care of horses.  At 18 I became the manager for a larger private facility where I trained and exercised Standardbred Horses.  I met my husband (Bert) soon after and Missy and I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. 

 About Carol

Carol Goebel

2 Star Instructor